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Quality concept: perfect technology,top-ranking products,and professional character.
Targets of SANHE: products’ pass percent=100%,clients’ satisfaction percent>=98%,      rejects percent<=2%.
brand concept:industry’s logo,SANHE’s pride
Market concept: discovery,creation,and maintenance
Crisis concept:always keep in mind that we are in a risk of the possibility---surpassed by competitors
Target concept: during the worldwide business war,keep untiring pursuit and tough sprit to open new markets,playing the role of the market leader,keeps steps with times.
Philosophy concept:first,think deeply,second,put into practice;third,think on the basis of practice,four,practice…..
Cost concept: reduce management cost and transport cost,etc. cut down any fees that could be saved for our clients.
Development concept:always keep as eye forward,continually explore and innovate the company’s operation way and business scope,keeping been at the forefront of times.
Innovation concept:abandon the conservative mode,keeping creating.


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