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Product name:Yuyun Sanhe 24 Hole Manual Egg Nest
  Yuyun Sanhe Egg Nest are made of excellent Hot-dip galvanized steel,with zinc of 180g/sqm,Thickness of 0.5mm,Which effectively avoid the rusting.  Yuyun Sanhe Egg Nest is customized for layer & Broiler under flat culture. This Egg Nest is designed with Vent hole both in left & right side,which guarantee t......
Product name:Yuyun Sanhe Duck Egg Laying Nest
     Yuyun Sanhe Duck Egg Laying Nest Size is 40*40cm; Each Nest can serve 3-5 Female darks. 5-6 Egg Nests can be connected with each other to save space. Each Egg Nest base need be putted with dry & soft packing which need to be changed 2 times in each week. Egg Nest need to be putted into Duck house before 24 weeks old (Usual......

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